How to ask bids clarification

How to ask bid Clarifications /Amendments to Bid Seller

Here i will show you how to ask bid Clarifications /Amendments to Bid Seller in a few steps.

There are two ways to as k bid clarification to your bid seller on Extratenders Bid Platform.

Step-1 : Login to your account first – bid buyer account here .

Once you logged in, you will see your dashboard area as shown below

Step-2: Click on ” Vendors ” menu and you will see the list of vendors ( bid sellers ) you have been purchased bid documents, and

Step-3: Select the vendor you want to ask clarification and click on ” visit Store ” button

Step-4: Now write Your Clarification Subject, Select your Bid purchased order ID and Write your clarification details on message area and hit ” Submit ” button

Step-5: And then you will see the list of clarification sent and their response here as shown below,

Now you successfully submitted your bid clarification.

Thank you!!

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